Stacey spends time listening to what her clients are experiencing and tailors each massage to their current goals for healing. When her clients are experiencing different types of pain or discomfort she examines the “big picture” by considering their work situations, repetitive strain injuries, postural problems, stress levels and emotional guarding. Stacey aims to educate her clients and empower them on their search for personal health and wellness by making suggestions for self care or changes that may be helpful in achieving their goals.

Stacey’s knowledge of the musculoskeletal system informs her bodywork decisions and allows for the accuracy needed to free deep adhesions. She works at an appropriate depth and speed for each location paying close attention to how the tissue is reacting. Her clients are always appreciative of her attention to detail and her ability to focus on their specific needs.

Stacey believes that massage and bodywork are the key to recovery for most injuries and pain. Many of her clients have seen major improvements with issues that were not resolved by other healthcare professionals. She believes that when we give ourselves, and our nervous systems, the opportunity to experience the “relaxation response,” profound healing occurs on a physical, emotional and cellular level.

When she is not busy doing great bodywork she is engaging in one of her many hobbies including working in her ceramics studio or her garden, surfing on the oregon coast, rock climbing, running, practicing yoga, and camping. Last but not least, she loves cooking and enjoying big, healthy meals with her dear friends.